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Face Slap, The New Anti Aging Secret?

Face Slap, The New Anti Aging Secret?

 Some wrinkles start to appear on your face and make you look older? It's easy, just slap your face!

Slapping the face is one of the beauty techniques practiced at the Tata Massage salon in San Francisco. This technique is believed to be able to remove wrinkles, minimize pores, and make the face look sleeping.

Mawan Sombuntham, owner of Tata Massage, claims that his wife Tata can make her face look pretty by slapping her. Customers only have to pay USD 350 (approximately IDR 3.3 million).

"He did it to me and I could immediately see the difference," he explained to the NY Daily News (24/10).

Using his hands, Tata will slap customers' cheeks, foreheads and beards and then see the changes in their faces.

"He moves muscle and fat in the face," said Sombuntham. This man stated that his wife's therapy would not be painful. "Just like being bitten by an ant, but not itchy."

The couple opened Tata massage on Tuesday. It is the first beauty salon to offer face slapping techniques in the Hemisphere region. Another is in Thailand, where Tata is learning his slapping technique.

The face slap method is seen as an alternative method to beautify the face other than Botox and plastic surgery. This year Tata will return to Thailand to learn 'butt spanking'.

"This is Thai wisdom," said Sombuntham. "Slapping and slapping will make your butt look pretty."

How, you want to try the face slap technique to beautify yourself?

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