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Father Makes Lamborgini Cars from Wood, for Children or...?


Father Makes Lamborgini Cars from Wood, for Children

A father is willing to do anything for the happiness of his beloved baby. This is what a man does to his child, namely making a toy car.

But of course there is still a side of father's pleasure when assembling his own toy car. With a child's knowledge of automotive that has not been embedded, a father makes cars from wood with the Lamborghini Sian model.

Apart from his son, the wooden Lamborghini can be driven alone with his father, the creator.

Quoted from the Carscoops account, Sunday, June 13, 2021, a man made a mini Lamborghini from wood, whose video was uploaded to the YouTube account ND Woodworking Art.

Lamborghini Sian is armed with supercapacitors and lithium ion batteries. That way, the man can drive this car with his toddler.

Similar to Go-kart

Almost the entire body of this car is made of wood. In fact, it looks like a go-kart car. In addition to the battery, the Lamborghini Sian wooden body version is also equipped with disc brakes.

Not only that, this car also uses Sian's signature lighting elements. The door can be closed and opened automatically.

The name is also a toy car, of course this wooden version of the Sian can't go as fast as the original. However, this car can be driven by an adult.

For your information, the craftsman not only made the wooden version of the Sian, but also the Buggati Chiron and BMW 28 Hommage.

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