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Did you know that water in outer space will automatically be spherical?


Did you know that water in outer space will automatically be spherical?

You may have learned about the nature of water, which is that it always follows the shape of the container in which the water is placed. 

For example, if you put water in a bottle, the shape will resemble a bottle. But, if you pay attention, the air in outer space is spherical. 

In fact, the water is not stored in a round container. Water also has the property of being able to flow from a high place to a low place. 

However, it turns out that the nature of water like this is only found on Earth. What caused it? This is due to the force of gravity on Earth, so the air always conforms to its container. 

The nature of water like this is different if it is in outer space. The force of gravity in outer space will have a different effect. 

Astronauts, satellites, or even the air will float. Air will not follow the shape of the container, in fact it is always round. 

Earth's gravitational force in outer space can only pull air little by little with a very small angle of inclination. 

bonds on the surface of the water will be evenly distributed and the bonds between molecules form an elastic outer layer.

 This is the reason why air seems to float and light, because it looks like a strong intermolecular and uniform form of air.

 If it is still around the Earth, then an object will be affected by the force of gravity. 

It's just that the gravitational force obtained is getting smaller, like the gravitational force in outer space. 

The farther the distance from Earth, the smaller the impact of the resulting gravitational force.

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